#1 Do not anchor on a reef.
(Reefs are alive. Alive. A-L-I-V-E).
#2 Do not feed the animals.
(They'll want to follow you home,
and you can't keep them).
#3 Do not trash our place.
(Or we'll send Bubba to trash yours.)
#4 Do not touch the coral.
(This species is protected.
By Bubba.)
#5 Do not speed.
(Especially on Big Pine Key
where Key deer reside,
and tar-and-feathering
is still practiced.)
#6 Do not catch more fish than you can eat.
(Better yet, let them go. Some of them
support schools).
#7 Do not collect conch.
(This species is protected.
By Bubba.)
#8 Do not disturb the bird nests.
(They find it very annoying).
#9 Do not damage the seagrass.
(And don't even think about making
a skirt out of it.)
#10 Do not drink and drive on land or sea.
(There's absolutely nothing funny about it.)

10 Keymandments