Covid 19 News!

Covid 19 News!

Island Bay Resort response to the Covid 19 Virus

The past months have been very difficult for everyone. We are aware travelers are worried about
where they stay and a property’s sanitation. Island Bay Resort has always been recognized for our
cleanliness. Your safety and comfortability are our top PRIORITIES so we have enhanced our cleaning
and sanitizing procedures even more.
Below are some of the modifications we are currently taking in response to the Covid 19 Virus. These
procedures will be revised as the CDC and AHLA guidelines change. Hopefully all our changes will make
you more relaxed and confident about enjoying a safe stay at Island Bay Resort.


– Masks must be worn by all staff and guests while in our office.
– Social distancing must be practiced by all while outdoors.
– We are following the guidelines set forth by the CDC and AHLA (American Hotel and Lodging
Association) for cleaning and disinfecting to ensure a Safe Stay.
– Each staff member’s temperature is taken at the beginning of their shift. If temperature is 100.4
or higher, staff member is sent home.
– We clean and sanitize with EPA registered cleaners and disinfectants approved for use against
the spread of viruses such as Covid 19 as well as bacteria and pathogens.


– After each guest’s departure, the room is allowed to “rest” for at least 24 hours in order to allow
the germ’s life span time to expire prior to our staff entering the room to clean.
– The vacated room is then cleaned and sanitized entirely. In addition, we then bring in and
operate an Ultraviolet air cleaner machine in each cottage.
– Prior to a new guest’s arrival, Management personally re-sanitizes all “high touch” surfaces in
each room that was already cleaned. Items such as remotes, light and other switches, knobs &
handles, faucet, hairdryers, etc
– Ice in the room freezer is replaced after every guest.
– We provide Antibacterial Dish soap by your kitchen sink. Dishes are washed by our guests. If
you are not comfortable using the plate ware and silver in your cabinet, we can provide paper
plates and plasticware upon request.


– Our housekeeping staff will wear new gloves and a face mask while cleaning in each cottage.
– Daily housekeeping is normally provided however if you are not comfortable with that, you can
simply hang the “no service” sign so that no service is provided. If you need some items but
prefer that housekeeping not enter your room, we have procedures where towels, sundries etc.
can be replenished at your request. Please let us know what you need and we will take care of

Outdoor spaces

– We are a small hotel / resort with only 10 cottages. We have no crowds, hallways,
elevators etc. so it is easy to “social distance” yourself from our other guests.
– Our cottage doors are at least 20 feet apart and each cottage has its own private deck. These
decks are also 15 to 25 feet apart. Our beach area is large and most seating / lounges are 10 to
15 feet apart. You will have plenty of room to spread out and be alone. We would request that
you please social distance yourself at least 6 feet from our other guests.
– We will be sanitizing surfaces in our outdoor public spaces daily and/or additionally if needed.
For your convenience, bottles of sanitizing spray are provided and located in these same
outdoor public spaces throughout the property. Use as often as you wish on any of our outdoor

Guest Arrival

– We offer 2 options for check-in when you arrive. You are welcome to come to the office
and check in if you prefer a person to person greeting or we can provide a “Contactless” check-in.
If you come to the office, please remember to wear a mask.
If you prefer to go “Contactless” please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your arrival so that we can
arrange it and give you the necessary information.